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Feedback from workshops, seminars & presentations by Diane Gallo

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What students say

about workshops and residencies 
with Diane Gallo

A poetic response to a 5-day residency for grades 3, 4 & 5 in the Livonia Intermediate School, Livonia, NY
January 2002

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  What teachers say

about workshops and residencies 
with Diane Gallo

From The Florida English Journal 
Can Medea Pay Me $12.00 an Hour?
By M. Joy Gorence

"...Perhaps I never really understood why language skills were essential until a writer, Diane Gallo, visited our classroom. As part of a Writer in Residence program, which the school had encouraged in the past years, writers become residents of the community for approximately one week. During these programs I became a class member and thee was little or no difference between my students and me..."
Click here to read the complete article in a PDF file.

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What writers & teaching artists say

about workshops and residencies 
with Diane Gallo

Dear Diane:

I just wanted to let you know that a poem that I revised while in your 
summer class at Skidmore was not only published, but also was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for 2002. "Fairytales and Dustballs" was published by Ancient Paths Literary Magazine in Oct/02. The results for the Best of the Small Presses will be announced in April yet I feel like to be nominated with such a great pool of writers is an honor.

I have also been working on reading my poetry aloud since your wonderful rendition of the "[Two Dollar] Mommy" poem. Wow! I left thinking, one day I want to recite my poetry like that. You were an inspiration and a wonderful teacher. I thought of Janice Lawry's class "Sharing the Journey" and thought of you. There was a reason I walked into your class that day after Pat Carr mentioned you in her class the day prior.

Thanks again. You are an inspiration.


M.J. King
[To read Diane's poem, "Two Dollar Mommy", click here. To go to the Order Form for the audio cassette, The Neighbor's Dog Howls, with this poem, click here.]

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