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Life Story Workshops    
Whether You’re Writing It or Living It
Life Story Workshops are
A Kick in the But

 You can bring Life Story Workshops to your group.  
Contact Diane
to arrange a workshop series.
Available as a weekend/one-day workshop or multiple session workshop.

Stranger than Fiction:
Writing Stories & Poems from Real Life

If youčve always thought that your real life is stranger than any fiction, this is the workshop is for you. Whether youčre a beginner or an advanced writer - interested in writing for yourself, your family or for publication, Stranger than Fiction will help you understand how to turn life experiences into lively stories, essays and poems.  

How a workshop works:
Short on lecture.  Long on practice.

Diane will present brief focus lectures on imagery and editing and guide participants through several writing exercises based on personal narrative.  In addition to craft issues, participants will explore empowerment issues related to writing - making the commitment, making time, making space, making money, etc.
Who should participate: 
Not to worry.  The workshop brings out the writer in everyone -- beginners, blocked, and experienced alike.

The workshop series is designed to accommodate all levels of experience and focuses on developing individual student strengths in fiction and poetry as well as in non-fiction. Workshops blend theory and practice with the emphasis on practice. 

The Life Story experience includes 
Counseling, Coaching & Support

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